Over the years, MESC has built a vast local network and developed strong relationships with local vendors, chandlers, suppliers, terminal operators, and repair and service companies. We have an unparalleled reputation for delivering high-quality shipping services to our principals, including wet and dry cargo ship owners, charterers, operators, managers, and brokers.


Port Agents

MESC’s experienced team services all types of vessels carrying all types of shipments, including bulk carriers, crude, product and chemical tankers, LNG, LPG, container and reefer vessels.


Vessel Accounting

Maritime Endeavors provides solid accounting and finance services with highly flexible vessel reporting tailored to our principal’s needs, including rendering into Hub and web-based systems. Through our strong, established relationships, MESC provides its valued principals with discount options through numerous vendors in the U.S. Gulf.

Ship Representation

For 27 years, Maritime Endeavors has provided consistently superior Owners Protective Agency services (OPA) in all U.S. Gulf ports by ensuring cost-efficient and smooth turnaround of vessels.

Over the years, MESC has built a vast local network and developed strong relationships with local vendors, chandlers, repair and service companies, and terminal operators. Our team has years of experience with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Coast Guard, and all other government, local port and terminal procedures.

MESC’s agents closely cooperate with all local parties and administrate their performance as Hub agents in the U.S. Gulf. We monitor port call operation around the clock and check the accuracy of cargo documents, SOF, and Proforma D/As.


U.S. Government Compliance

Government regulation is increasingly complex in today’s international shipping industry, and businesses run the risk of regulatory restrictions and customs issues resulting in non-compliance, respective fines and costly delays. Maritime Endeavors proactively assists principals to comply with the U.S. local and federal regulations. At all times, our team acts in strict compliance with international laws.

As protective agents, we ensure our principals stay up to date with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard requirements and offer regulatory compliance advice. MESC’s eNOA/D department offers eNOA/D submission and compliance services for all types of vessels at all ports in the United States.